Archeo-futurism I

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Det otursförföljda försöket att översätta l’Archeofuturisme till engelska, här första delen av fyra.

1. The method: the ”Radical Thought”

Only the radical and fecund thought will do. Since it only creates audacious concepts that break the hegemonic ideological order, and allows an escape from the vicious circle of a system of a culture that is bankrupt. In order to resume the formula of the mathematical Thom Kidney, author of the ”Theory of the catastrophes”, only the ”radical concepts” can make a system in the chaos to collapse – the ”catastrophe” that is change of violent state – to the aim to give life to an other order.
The radical thought is neither ”extremist” nor utopian, from the moment that in this case it would not have some taken on the real one, but to the contrary it must anticipate the future breaking off with a present in decline. [svårbegripligt stycke]

The radical thought is revolutionary? Today it must be, since our culture has reached the end of a cycle and not the threshold of a new progress; and since currently some school of thought does not exist that dares to proclaim anything revolutionary after the final failure of the communist attempt.
Therefore it is the only thought having in sight new concepts of culture that are indeed bearers of historicity and of autencity
Only the new concepts, radically aiming to an other culture, are bearers of historicity. Is that a radical thought? It goes just to the root of things, is worth to say ”until the bone”: it replaces in argument the conception of the substantial world of this current culture, the egalitarism – which, utopist and obstinate, thanks to its inner contradictions is carrying humanity to the barbarisms and the ecological-economic horror.
In order to act on history, it is necessary to create of the ideological storms attacking, as Nietzsche saw it, the values, foundation and skeleton of the system very well. Today it does not make it nobody: here the fact that, for before the time, and the economic sphere (television, average, video, cinema, industry of the show and the entertainment) that it stops the monopoly of the reproduction of the values. That door evidently to a hegemonic ideology without concepts of plans in a position to imagining one breach, but instead founded on dogmas and anatema to me. Today, therefore, only a radical thought would allow the intellectual minorities creating a movement, shaking the mammoth, of squassare through electrochock (or ”ideochock”) of society and the order of the world. But this thought must imperatively sottrarsi to the dogmatismo, and the contrary to cultivate the permanent rearrangement (”the revolution in the revolution”, only just maoist intuition); in the same way it must protect its radicality from the neurotic temptation of the fixed ideas, from the onirici ghosts, the hypnotic utopies, extremist nostalgia or the delirious obsessions, risks inherent to every ideological perspective.

In order to act on the world, a radical thought must articulate an ideological body that is coherent and pragmatic, equipped with adaptive separation and flexibility. A radical thought and first of all a porsi of the questions, and not gia one doctrine [porsi, gia?]. What it proposes has to be declined the modalita one second of ”and if…?”, and not sure of ”it must…!”. [?] This type of thought abhores the compromises, the false ”prudent” wisdoms, the dictatorship of the ”ignoring experts”, and the paradoxical conservatorism (the status-quoism) of the worshippers of modernity, rather than believing it eternal.
Last characteristic of an effective radical thought: knowing to accept the eterotelia, the fact that the ideas do not carry necessarily to the facts hopes to you. An effective thought must recognize of approximate being.
Our vision is gotten dizzy, is turned of edge in function of the wind, but it is known where it is gone, towards which port. Integral the radical thought the own risk and the error to all human how much and. Its modesty, taken to loan from the cartesian doubt, and the motor of its power of putting in motion of the spirits. Nothing dogmas – imagination to the power. With a pizzico of amoralism, it is worth to say of creatrice tension towards one new moral.

And today, alle thresholds of this XXI century that is one century of iron and fire and whose mail in colossal, but that and fraught with menance game and authentically died them for humanity, nel the moment in which the our contemporaries they are decerebrates dal ”thought to you weak person” and today gives it society of the Spectacle/Show – and, just when us a deafening one explodes of forehead empty ideological, than and finally possible and puo to have succeeded a radical thought. In order to plan new solutions, a time unthinkable.
The intuitions of Nietzsche, Evola, Heidegger, Carl Schmitt, Guy Debord or Alain Lefebvre – all who were closely related to the upsetting of all values – are demonstrated finally realizable, like the nietzschean philosophy of hammer blows. Our ”state of culture” is mature for this. This was not so in the recent past, when modern brace XIX-XX century incubated its infection turns them without still to endure it. Of other part, it convene to reject endured the pretest according to which a radical thought ”would be persecuted” by the system. The system is stupid. Its censorships are now clumsy. It is only able to hit the folklorist provocateurs and ideological goffaggini [?].
In intellighenzia the European official and to the power, the thought and state lowered to the stucchevole level of globalism mediatica and to the repetition of the egualitari dogmas. For topic to smash the laws of the ”politicamente correct one”, for lack of conceptual imagination or ignorance of the real mail in game of the present world.

The society of Europea in crisis today they are ready to being run through from radical thoughts determines to you, fortified from a plan of revolutionary values and bearers of a complete but pragmatic and not utopica contestazione of put into effect them culture world-wide.
A thought radical, and ideologically effective in the tragic world that it is prepared, could join the quality of the cartesian classicism (the principles of possibilita reason and effective, permanent examination and critical volontarism) and the romanticism (flashing thought called back to the emotion and the aesthetic one; audacity of perspectives). In order to conjugate in one coincidentia oppositorum qualita of the philosophy the idealist of ”” and the critical philosophy of ”not”. As they knew to make it Marx and Nietzsche in their method of the ”hermeneutics of the suspicion” (imputation of the dominant concepts) and the ”positive upsetting of the values”.
A similar thought that joins audacity and pragmatism, perspective intuition and realism observer, aesthetic creativity and will of historical power, destined to be ”a concrete creator of order through will”.