Kai Murros

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Dagens inlägg kommer att tillägnas den finska nationalbolsjeviken Kai Murros, tillsammans med ekofascisten Pentti Linkola den mest intressanta finska tänkaren just nu.

Murros nationalism ligger nära maoismen, och hans hyllningar till folket och arbetarklassen kan därför bli en aning enahanda efter en stund. Om man tolkar honom som att den nya aristokratin tar form i arbetarklassen är det en trolig utveckling (förutsatt att man har en bred definition av vilka sociala skikt som utgör arbetarklassen), om man tolkar honom som att arbetarklassen är den nya aristokratin är vi tillbaka i en odifferentierad egalitarianism. Hur som helst, jag finner själv Murros poetiska beskrivningar av Europas pånyttfödelse inspirerande. Ibland på gränsen till patetik, men i det stora hela givande.

Our task is to turn myths into concrete reality. Myths will guide us, myths are the very stuff the national philosophy is made of. We need a myth, a powerful story, the greatest story ever told through which we will shape the mind of the masses.

The people have an intuitive understanding for the importance of myths. The people sense their powerful immaterial forces and how they bind individuals together as a nation. No wonder intellectuals who despise the people also look down upon myths.

The ordinary man of the street is guided through his life above all else by the myths embedded in the collective consciousness. Take away the myths and he has nothing, he is lost without a direction. A sterile, theoretical and speculative philosophy cooked up by shady intellectuals has nothing to offer to the people.

Accept the fury, let the hatred guide you, find the beast in you. Break your shackles and burn the bridges behind you. Nothing good will ever come out of you before you know who you truly are.

If the troubles of modern Europe were only economical and political in nature, we would surely lose. But there is an element that our enemies fail to grasp in full — the rage of the masses fighting for their right to excist as a nation. To understand the severity of this phenomenon it would require our elite to finally open its eyes to the harsh realities of life and in process give up the naive illusions it harbors…

… Luckily for us the elite is unable to do it.

This war will be the decisive push of the Europeans to reclaim their place in the world. We are fed up with being the scape goats of the world, we are tired of being blamed for our achievements and we are sick and tired of yielding to every possible demand by non-europeans simply because we are supposed to carry the collective white man’s guilt AD INFINITUM.

For over a thousand generations our people have lived of this land, over a thousand generations of people have grown out of this land, physically come into being by the riches of this hallowed ground. For over a thousand generations this sacred soil has nurtured and provided our people. We are one with this soil for every ounce of our flesh and blood comes from this soil, there is nothing in us that is alien or hostile to it…

… and when our life comes to an end, we will return to this land like a traveller who returns home…

… and all this we should give away at the drop of a hat since we are being told so by our morally corrupt elite…

Our enemies do not know what kind of powers they are dealing with and that is why they are about to unleash beasts whose existence the world so dearly would like to forget.

You have to see our revolution in a biological context. We are basically a pack of wolves defending its territory and cubs… a pack of wolves fighting for its survival, defending its right to exist.

Linkola finns i korthet här: http://www.kolumbus.fi/jik/sarastus/penaintr.htm