Antiwhiteism Is Illegal

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Hereby a repetition of some basics. It is, in short, an elaboration on the fact that antiwhiteism is illegal.

I am a Germanic Swede, a white northerner. That’s my ethnicity. Do you have a problem with that? Are you going to deny me my right to my ethnicity? Beause if you do, you’re breaking several international agreements. For instance, we have the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from 1948. It says that every person has the right to a nationality (Article 15).

”To have a nationality” means: the right to belong to a people. The word nation is from Latin natio, I was born. What you’re ethnically born as counts as your nationality. And this, for its part, is not about the right to belong to a state, which isn’t a right but an obligation (like paying taxes). This may need to be mentioned because lawyers today wrongly interpret nationality as the phenomenon of belonging to a state.

My nationality as a northern German is Swedish. Deny me my Swedish nationality and you’re violating the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights, signed by every nation on the planet.

– – –

Further, if anyone denigrates white people on ethnical grounds, then it’s a case of racism, violating the UN Racism Convention ICERD of 1965. ICERD is an acronym of ”International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination”. In it racism is said to mean any form of exclusion or restriction made on the basis of race, color and descent, intended to discriminate and oppress. Sweden and all major nations has signed ICERD.

Further, if anyone believes that mass immigration to Sweden is the policy that should be given priority, then one can challenge it under the UN Genocide Convention of 1948. It’s called CPPCG (”Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide”) . It says, among other things, that measures preventing births of a certain people are considered to be genocide. Then, I think, that the anti-white propaganda the regime and the media has spread since 1945 can, according to the same convention, be seen as ”causing serious mental harm” to an ethnic group, Article 2b. It might be seen as a preparation for genocide and is in that case illegal. And anyone who doesn’t protest against genocide is an accomplice, exerting ”complicity”, Article 3e. Those who signed the Convention (among them Sweden and all major nations in the world) believe that ”genocide is a crime under international law which they hereby undertake to prevent and to punish.”

So if you’re anti-white, take warning: if your Facebook friend writes ”I hate white men” and you click like, then you can be considered for ”complicity in genocide”.

– – –

Finally: as for me being white I’m no white supremacist. I’m a conationalist, stressing peaceful co-existence between people, acknowledging every people’s right to exist in its place of origin. One of the links below tells of the concept of co-nationalism (in Swedish).


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