Archeo-futurism II

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2. The conceptual picture: the total notion of Vitalist Constructivism

My master, the defunct George Locchi, had characterized the egualitarism like the nodal center, the driving-axle, ethically and practically, of the western modernity in full failure. From this I work, and from it I had traced one important critical and historical description, within the G.R.E.C.E., between 1973 and 1985. In that context I had proposed for the future the anti-egalitarism concept. But this term was still insufficient. One should never only define oneself ”against”. An acting concept should be affirmative and to carry sense. Which would be the content, the active principle of this virtual antiegalitarism? What would be, concretely, the antiegalitarism? The question remained without an answer. Nevertheless from one clear answer should be born mobilization.

Also, inspired from the works of Lefevre, Lyotard, Debord, Derrida and Foucault, and also from the witnesses of Porzamparc, Nouvel or Paul Virilio, I had tried to show the needs of post-modernity. But also here, the prefixed Latin ”post”, just like that Greek ”anti”, is not in a position to definine the content. Enough to say that the egalitarism and modernity (a theory and a practical one) is not adapted to our needs. It still must imagine, define and propose something that is adequate. The critic of a concept has value only through the affixing of a new affirmative concept.

And he is: but quale/i concetto/i to provoke? [obegripligt stycke] You allow me to make a step behind.

With Olivier Carre, the brilliant painter, we had invented, in the course of a subversive wireless emission (”Avant-wars!”) of black aesthetic fantasy and humor that put in scene an imaginary eurosiberian Empire (the ”Federation”), whose flag was the one of the very small province I was born in – the Angoumois – but also the flag of Croatia.. All an imaginary one. One of the concepts in them was the one of vitalist constructivism, that the company ”Typhoon” served to characterize the titanic doctrine of one of the giant companies of this Empire bizzarro, that nothing was proposed less than than to place the Earth on an other orbit in connection with the Sun… And then, to reflect well, they are said me that this gag wireless-literary, that gave origin also to a comic strip, was perhaps the fruit of a ”lacked action” ideologically, of a lapsus linguae ac scripti. After all, the surrealism and the situationism had always taught that ”the agitator-concepts do not have to never be born from that they give the principle of it appeal to” (Raoul Vaneighem); and that the foundations go raised on the derisoria and altered folgorazione [eh?]. And Andre Breton has said: ”and in cio that not and serious that is hidden cio that and most serious”. Digging to the bottom of this intuitive concept I had uncovered four things.

1. The words count enormously, as already Foucault discovered (in his text Les mots ET well les choses). They are the foundation of the concepts, which are to they turn the semantic stimulus of the ideas, these last ones constituting the motor of the actions. To give a name and to describe and to construct.

2. It does not have to resume as emblems the named to you semantic or aesthetic symbols delle surpassed ideologies that they have failed nella history – they have understood the Italian Communists well. Also the label of conservative revolution too much seems neutral, old, too much too much historical, too much attacked to the twenties. A similar fideism and inadequate cause of mobilitazion and to the new challenges. In conformity with the enlivened tradition of the European culture, and opportune to throw on the chessboard of the history of the new words of order. The style remains in its essence, but it changes shape. Whichever thought agent must be furious and metamorfological.

3. The term of ”vitalist constructivism” defines a total conception of the world and a concretely synergical vision of entirety, in degree cioe to associate two mental structures. For ”constructivism”, therefore, it means: volontarist (vilje-) historical-political of power, aesthetic plan of construction of culture, faustian spirit. For ”vitalism”, it means: organic and not mechanist realism, mentality, respect of the life and self-discipline in the comparisons of an independent ethics, humanity (the exact contrary of ”humanitarism”), consideration of the bio-anthropological problems (between which the ethnic reality).

4. Vitalist Constructivism and the expression that I propose in order to define in an affirmative way that up to now, in lack better, we have called antiegalitarism.

Of other part, this antiegalitarism defined just the plan through post-modernity the sfocato and pure descriptive concept of. I propose to call the ideological plan I center them of the vitalist constructivism archeofuturism – like verra explained piu beyond. [sfocato, verra?]