Tal till den europeiska nationen

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Faye har omprövat sin tidiga inställning till Tredje Världen sedan ’91, men det är ändå ett intressant tal.

Speech to the European Nation (1991)

Europe – third world: The new alliance

Europe and the third world have actually a common interest against the western system; in contrast to the third world itself it is in Europe however not conscious. It is entitled to the clear-sighted elite and the intellectual ones of the southern countries thus to convince the Europeans of the necessity for an alliance against the Occident. The community of interests is strategical [… ], cultural (against the American mass civilization), economic (against the displacement of the native production forces and dependence). The third world is on economical level more concerned than Europe, less on more cultural, equal to much in the strategic and geoeconomic ranges. We may not be surprised that the earlier left-progressistic opinion and the proponents of the salon-moderate anti-racingism regard today the third world idea measure-due, it still yesterday at large expenditure of Petitionen admired. The third world does not agitate already no more the beautiful souls, because these are afraid of it. And the former proponents of the ’ dialogue ’ between the peoples follow now the circles conservative-reactionary, Atlantic rights in their aversion against the south peoples and use themselves for a multiracial society, in order to suffocate their nationalism (likewise Europe). This change of mind is simple to explain: The third world let the left one ’ fall ’, because it recognized last that the third world represented a powerful, crucial resistance not only against Soviet socialism and American capitalism (even if it obviously succumbs to it), but also against the democratism, the mythology of the ’ development ’ as well as the fables of the human rights.

The progressistic opinion recognized the fact that the third world, fruitful storage tank of the traditional spirit structures which badly took up individualism and the Jewish-Christian Egalitarismus and could – large sin – to some Europeans a model to the remedy offer. The progressists came to the further realization that the most astute intellectual ones of the third world its nationalism no more would strengthen at the guidance stars of western socialism, but at the roots of their own traditions; that the imperial idea ’ auto+centered development ’ forward came; and the fact that a special third world ldee threatens to lead into international relations, those became ’ machiavellisch ’ again (is called naturally) and the world their polyzentrische arrangement to return trachten. In short, the third world finds today its allied ones under the trailers new European size, which enjoy of its nationalism and itself destined to it. And it finds its adversaries with their former friends, who understood meanwhile that a new could undermine the third world ldee two supporting columns of the dogma of the international relations since 1945: the Kosmopolitismus and the abolishment of European power. It asks itself nevertheless whether the colonial controversy complex just like the different restaurant level not from the beginning exclude each alliance between the nationalists in the third world and the Europeans. The European colonialism, which revealed the Vitalitaet Europe, for this finally certainly as negative proved, was not to blame for not directly depletion and the current Entkulturisierung of the southern countries. The debt is equally because of the Neokolonialismus of the capitalistic [… ] Okzidents: with the execution of a one-sided ’ economic development ’ it destroys the national economies of the third world (by merging it into the world trade system), introduces a Eradikation of their own civilization and zerschmettert the equilibrium of total population and resources: thus it opens dramatic nourishing perspectives for the turn of the century. The Christian Humanitarismus basing on the fight against hunger (myth of the human progress and the sanitary prophylaxis) is therefore directly responsible for the hunger emergency… In which way the way to hell nevertheless is paved with good resolutions! Europe would have to take distance from the current form of the assistance to the third world, which nothing when the care of a neokolonialen ’ development system ’ is. Europe must promote rather the education development ’ auto+centered by halfself-sufficient zones of ’, which would summarize geographically and culturally United Nations. Such areas form North Africa, west Africa, South Africa, the Indian Subkontinent (with all American a sharpening the auto+centered development uses).

The interest of everyone will only lie on a long-term basis this area in the emergence more independently (quite than ’ lmperien ’ to characteristic) large units, which would carry out their independence on economical and political level. Thus would be the logic amerikanisch[… ]en [… ]herrschaft just as broken as those the mondialistischen civilization. Europe, which one this Imperien could quite form, would be able to extend the pallet of its alliances and its relations. Everyone would win thereby at independence and integrity. The effects of the individual rule forms, if they would be far more scattered in polyzentrisch a world become, would lose their current Widernatuerlichkeit. Which concerns the international relations, then they, from which Heuchelei of a democratic Weltmodelts or the UNO Pazifismus releases, became again at honesty win. The wars, conflicts, contests would not be missing, since they belong to the nature of the things, nevertheless that one-sided, which lose purposes of crew power a serving character, which they point out presently/immediately in the alienating situation [… ]. The peoples would fight for itself [… ] in short, which could become international relations again that, which they were before the colonial age, when the action carriers of history were numerous. The third world countries would likewise experience the end of that ’ north south syndrome ’, which impairs all and – whether one wants it or not – a ’ highly developed ’ and a supported mankind confront. Only if each people and each state protect and promote its autonomy, its characteristics, its just as economical as anthropologische and cultural independence, genuine exchange will be possible – and against all prejudices of the fanatics of a mondialistischen, mehrrassischen civilization, which is based on the lunatic faith in a ’ communication of humans ’. Genuine ’ communication ’ can take place only between independent and different units. The Mondialismus and the melting pot model produce egoism, Ghetto spirit and wrong ’ communication ’. If relatively homogeneous Europe donated against it exchange and alliance relations with select peoples of the third world, finally connections in equal numbers and fair between the European and the colored peoples would come to light. Such connections, since that the 19. Century were destroyed, could neither by the wrong human of the ’ third Weltler ’ still by the advocates of a ’ co-operation ’ or a ’ development assistance ’ in the context of a world-wide economic system be restored. Above all the presence of strong, non-European population minorities on our continent works against healthy relations between Europe and the third world nations, which, the illusions of the social-democracy introduce more questions revaluations contrary, ever and the fright ghost of the mass racingism into our society. Beginning before the Second World War, immigration took the form of the slavery camouflaged by workers from the European colonies from the beginning. This immigration and its consequence, the structure of a mehrrassischen society in Europe, are harmful not only for the anthropologisch cultural integrity of the European peoples, but also for the relations between the Europeans and the peoples of the third world. The mehrrassische society is interested in the emergence of a world-wide subculture as well as a multinational, neokolonialistischen ’ world economy ’.

So that the entire world, and in particular Europe resemble, New York, so that all civilizations become coordinated, the nations must offer, the resistance could, into [… ] multi-cultural and mehrrassische societies be transformed. It applies to align it to the North American society model: a mosaic by Ghettos and minorities, those by the mechanical net of the companies and technocracies are connected… Because the ’ anti-racistic ldeologie ’ the melting pot proponent under the pretext of the human the ethnical barriers, which denies nationalities and the associatednesses, creeps the term race paradoxically as poison and only distinction factor into the humanoiden vibration cramps of the mehrrassischen society. This brought in Europe as in Brazil, in the USA or wherever the Proletarisierung of the colored minorities, the Entwurzelung, the race hatred and the Ghettos out. It destroyed the characteristic of the Fremdstaemmigen and the native ones; it keilte between white ones and Nichtweissen of hate feelings, which affected extremely unfavorably the diplomatic alliances between Europe and South America. Apart from the Neokolonialismus and the underdevelopment mehrrassische society and immigration are further products of the western society and their short-sighted economistism, products of the progressism as well as the free trade theory. Because an existing world a mehrrassischen world state to out homogeneous, territorial peoples is to be preferred, because the Europeans must retain their ethnokulturelle identity likewise, as the immigrants roots and a homeland need, because the racingism, which is racial segregation and the apartheid on sides (a new Sklaventum creative) of the importers of immigrants, on sides of the Errichter of the mehrrassischen society, because we do not bear the fact that a stupid stranger hostileness, a schaebiger hate is to prevent Europe to donate historical and geopolitical Solidaritaeten with the third world peoples because we contrary to the Americans (their creating myth the genocide at the Indians and their logic the Ethnozid of all remaining peoples is) one In the context of a world civilization just as little like the mehrrassische society [… ] are we bear supremacy of the white race the conviction that of Europe goes interest there, it, to remain in its culture and anthropology personalisiert. That lies also in the interest of the third world, because the colored peoples cannot draw an advantage from Europe, which would have lost its characteristic. The third world states must facilitate [… ] the ’ homeland return ’ for the immigrating: Only this way the disaster of the integration or the obligation classification can be avoided.

The return of the immigrants to its homeland (also that with Doppelstaatsangehoerigkcit) will be able to take place naturally only in the context of a new form of the ’ assistance ’. The Europeans are to therefore contribute to create jobs in the countries of origin and to rebuild by the Neokolonialismus damaged nations. If Europe the race problem became loose, which can poison its relations with some countries of Africa and Asia, in the special with the Arab world, only, then it could open alliance politics basing on intergovernmental friendly relations broadly put on. A cultural could follow a political, military, technological co-operation. Their meaning would be substantial. In the fight against the okzidental American cultural invasion we can actually find an example at authenticity and at resistance, the material in the extraordinary culture wealth of the third world to fruitful exchange, which could only enrich our own inheritance. The Americaism by isolating resistance to carry out would be surely deadly. If we relied however on the living cultures of India, South America, the Maghrebs and the far east, a front would form outside of the mass world culture, which would be able to well-being of all equally threatened peoples the regularity of the present system to possibly break. One-sided English instruction would have to yield that the remaining European and the strange languages; one thinks particularly of today the tremendously neglected Arabic language. Those undivided dictatorship of the anglo-saxon rhythms [… ] (those becomes gradually quite monotonous) could be dammed by the consideration of mediterraner, asiatic or South American music in the broadcast. In the film nature, in the literature and all ranges of mental activity (mathematics included) a undreamt-of enriching could occur, if Europe opened the third world, if it adjusted its today systematically on the USA arranged view. In addition Europe would benefit much not to become on an equal footing any longer with that okzidentalen culture which takes so often dekadente forms. The elite of the third world would for its part find an effective remedy in regenerated European cultures to the Entkulturisierung, they are pleased which to the victim today. And the European influence on the world could attain the strength again, which it had before the Second World War. In Paris, Milan, Madrid or Brussels the recent elite of the southern countries should study, and no more, like presently/immediately the case, in Pittsburgh or Los Angeles. Why the European students should not again in Brazil, India, Egypt and other place one into other procedures, other training forms, other world views are inaugurated, instead of completing their ritual wallfahrt into the amerikanisehen professional schools, their enriching is not by any means proven. Against the totalitarian internationalism of the Okzidents [… ] Europeans and Suedvoelker are well advised, their nationalisms, their characteristics, to unite their will, to remain independent and different: Europe – third world as international ones of the nationalities. Against the myth of the progress, against the Judaeo Christianity and the human rights, against the entropische ’ development model ’ in accordance with the same technical technisch-industriellen value scale, against the anglo-saxon way of life, [… ] against the international free trade, against the national Bourgeoisien [… ] entkulturisierter Businessmen conscious avant-gardes of Europeans, Afrikanern, Arabern, Asiaten and Indern must revolt themselves.

The civilization of the general race crossing, which becomes deadly projects of linear humans, final product of the monotheistischen insanity, it the return of the peoples and Imperien to oppose, who at the same time traditional and revolutionary model of a mankind, which contest-end in different, each other nations, races, cultures are divided, whereby everyone selects its economical way and its political system, everyone their legitimate will to power had, everyone tried, to give oneself a fate. Within only one range the ’ liberalism ’ can be used (the preference/advantage of the spontaneous order before planning, the priority of the coincidence-dependent, is called vitalistic contest before the organized consent) without disadvantage: it is the range of the international order of the menschengeschlechts. While the today dominant current uses the liberalism unfortunately, where it is actually wrongly at the place, i.e. in the economy and in the internal affairs of the peoples, one would have to turn around this perspective and operate liberalism, where he is not considered: within the range of the relations between peoples and nations. If it erroneous-proves the liberals states that the best economic policy for a government is not to be had (which falls certainly the state concerned into the offering moderateness of the prevailing western order), then one would have to apply this principle to the organization of mankind, on a range, where the same liberals become paradoxically very dirigistisch and dogmatisch, and at the same time the principle to set up that the best civilization goal for the menschengeschlecht and the optimum international order is not to be had: that is called each cultural and political unit the possibility grants of developing their own model in anarchische way (in the etymologischen sense) and without generally accepted standard. It would be called philosophy and application of practices in other words, non alignment to generalize. [… ] Of Europe interest, the Mediterranean goes by to a sea of the peace and Koprosperitaet, the common prosperity to make. Presently/immediately the circumstance stands to the implementation of this great goal in the way that by the problematic position of Israel (the actual base of American interests in this continent) [ ] the USA [… ] occupy the Mediterranean area, there their fleet shameless to cross leaves, its order forces upon [… ] equally subjected, divided and ohnmaechtig, permits Europeans and Araber this unbelievable interference in an area, which is own to them. Furthermore the implementation of this goal is made more difficult by of Europe demographic weakness in relation to the fertility of the peoples of the suedmediterranen bank. And the absurd stranger hate, which the questions produced around the immigration, transforms a facing of two groups of peoples, two large civilizations, to whose communication actually everything should contribute, into a argwoehnische, even gehaessige confrontation. This splitting is artificially maintained, by creating a race problem in Europe by Aufmunterung for immigration, by one the European governments compelled to be blind for the imperialism of Israel him to promote. Europeans and Araber must recognize that this splitting is to due to international circles, those first of all the tremendous economic, political and cultural power to fear, which would represent a eurarabisches large alliance. This would reunite that Mare Nostrum, that Mediterranean, the birth place of the most outstanding civilization of the mankind, which is entrusted to the today’s coastal nations for verwahrung. The pressure group educated in France of the zionistischen thinking circles drives the French governments on the dire way of the discord with the Arabs, our natural allied one. The Syrian president Assad and other Arab heads of the government pointed out that in the USA the objectives are identical the zionistischen ’ lobby ’ to the geostrategic interest of American power: the American order, the zionistischen groups of opinions and the State of Israel have common, at the same time geostrategic and cultural, interests of power. We cannot make reproach for them, because that is the law of the life. And nevertheless one must recognize that these interests those are opposite possibly the Arab, Europeans and all third world peoples… [… ] The second priority alliance concerns the Indian ocean [… ] Europe must an extensive agreement with India, (beside China and Japan) most important power in the far east, close. India is attractive in three-way way: provided with a large technological leistungskraft, the giant nation in the full upswing can form a macrocosm, ’ lmperium ’, equal the Arab world a ’ own world ’, which can help Europe to illustrate the imperial model of the auto+centered development and the independent civilization. In addition the deep cultural relationship of the Europeans and Inder is past far – by the existence of a common ’ indoeuropaeischen ’ memory. The Indian are more continuous, as we ourselves and the Arabs, peoples ’ high culture ’ and are enough memory. India, which already considers the auto+centered economy, us the break with the official international order demonstrated, bends Europe, which Arab and the Indian world established solidary, but in own way three ’ Jmperien ’, since long time to the pact liberty [… ] if three giant things, which would be characterized by a common pact [… ] of the armed neutralism, a grossautarkische economy, a cultural and technological center misalignment, then [… ] a world revolution the current lauen status quo would certainly replace and a problem solution for the terrible north-south gap would appear. Is such a project mentally not more fastidious for the European youth than the socio-economic Pfuscherei of the konsumgesellschaft?