Archeo-futurism III

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3. The diagnosis: the modernita one begins the convergence of the catastrophes

In order to define the content of a future archeofuturism, it is necessary to reassume the fundamental critic of modernity. Been born from the laicism, the Anglo-Saxon mercantilism and the individualist philosophy of the Lumi [vilka Lumi?], modernity has been succeeding to establish its planetary plan, founded its evangelism on the economic individualism, the allegory of Progress, the cult of the quantitative development, on the ”abstract human rights” etc. But and a Victoria of Pirro, from the moment that the plan (successful) of this conception of aiming the world to get hold of the Reign Land enters in crisis before collapsing, probably to the beginning of the next century. The Tarpea Cliff rises beside the Campidoglio. [?]

For before the time in its history humanity is threatened by a convergence of catastrophes.

In recent years one series of ”drammaturgiche lines” are approaching each other in order to converge, like fluvial affluents and in perfect concomitance, around the years 2010-2020, towards a point of breach and unrestrainable oscillation towards the chaos. From this chaos – which will be extremely painful on world-wide scale – there has to emerge a new order founded on one vision of the world, the archeofuturism, considered like conception of the world of the after-catastrophe.

We shortly reassume the nature of these lines of catastrophe.

1. The first is the canceration of the European social fabric.

The colonization of the Northern hemisphere from the peoples of the South, always imposing to dispetto of the reassuring affirmations of the average [?], and pregnant with explosive situations, above all in relation to the landslide of the Churches in Europe, which thence becomes the object of conquest from parts of Islam: failure of the multiracial/-cultural society, multiracist and always neotribal; the progressive etno-anthropological metamorphosis of Europe, authentic historical cataclysm; the return of the pauperism in the East and the West; the progression, slow but constant, of criminality and narcotic consumption; the continuous chipping of the familiy structures; the decline of the educational organization and its quality; jamming of the transmission of the cultural knowledge and the social disciplines; disappearance of the popular culture giving way to all advantage of a brutalization of the masses passivised from the eletctro-audiovisual aid (Guy Debord and his Societa of the show, written in 1967); the constant decline of woven city or communitarian to the all advantage of the fluctuating pear tree-city zones without gradevolezza of coherence of legalita of emergency; establishing itself, in France particularly, of an endemic situation of city putsches – an always crawling May day serious -; the every disappearance of civil autority in the countries of former USSR in preda to the economic decline. All this happens in the moment in which the State-nation see the decline of its sovereignty without being able to contain pauperism, unemployment, criminality, clandestine immigration, without being able to contain increase of the Mafia and corruption of the political classes; and in the moment in which the creatrici and productive elites, in preda to the fiscalismo and to a increased economic surveillance, they are tempted by the great adventure American. A society that is egoist and always wild, started on the primitivism, paradoxicalally disguised and compensated from the speech of the ”only”, angelic and pseudo-humanist moral – here what it waits for to us, year after year and in always increasing measure, until the breach point.
2. But in Europe these factors of social breach will be aggravate to you from the crisis economic-demographic, destined to always get worse. To leave from 2010, the number of active citizens will be insufficient in order to finance pensions of the papy-boom [ ”papy”=pensionär?]. Europe will crumble under the weight of the old ones; the countries in via of aging see their economy slowed down and penalized from the financing for pension sanitary expenses and the indennita one of the unproductive citizens; moreover the aging sterilise the tecno-economic dynamism. The egualitarian ideology of (the old) modernity has prevented to place a remedy to this situation, in virtu of two dogmas: first of all antinatality (the authentic etno-masochismo) that it has censured the tried ones you of volontarista restoration of our natality/birthrate; and then the egualitarist refusal to pass from the distributive insurance system to a capitalization system (pension funds). In order to make it short, we have not still seen nothing of what is to come. There will reign unemployment and pauperisation, while prosperering only a class minority, connected ai world-wide markets and supported gives it to class goddesses civil employees and pays wages to to you protect. The economic horror is in order to arrive. The egualitarism, for an effect perverso that it tries as it is in realta the exact contrary of the justice in platonic sense, constructs an oppressive society on the associate-economic plan. Social democratic Welfare SDate, founded on the myth of Progress, crumbles as certainly as the communist system – but with a greater failure. Europe and in via of terzomondizzazione [?]. We are at the beginning of the crisis, or rather the breach of the latches of the associate-economic building.

America, immense continent voted to the pioneering migrations, accustomed to a brutal culture and a conflict system of ethnic and economic ghettos, seems less vulnerable than Europe: it puo to embed one breach of equilibrium, above all of ethnic and cultural type, perlomeno on the established plan of social – she potra not to sottrarsi to an eventual generalized sconvolgimento [?].

3. Third line of catastrophe of modernity: the chaos of the South of the Planet.

The Countries of the South, choosing industrialization against their own traditional cultures in spite of a fragile increase fallace and, have created in their breast a social chaos that is gone aggravating. The French-English speculator Jimmy Goldsmith had analyzed it to the perfection: unexpected affirmation of colossal metropoli-fungus (Lagos, Citta of Mexico, River de Janeiro, Calcutta, Kuala-Lumpur…) that they become an infernal jungle; arrogating co-existence of a pauperism much next one to the schiavitu with rich and supported authoritarian and minority bourgeoisies from armies of private police assigns you to the inner repression; accelerated destruction of the atmosphere; rise of the associate-religious fanatism etc. The countries of the South are authentic to polveriere. The recent genocides in Africa center them, the leap in ahead to violent civil conflicts (base to you or on the religious extremism and often it does not poke from the USA) in India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico etc to you are not that the assay of a future that is preannounced gloomy. The egualitarian ideology disguises this as a promising reality for the ”progress of the democracy” in the Countries of the South Speech deceiver, which is a draft of simulacri of the democracy. And then, perhaps that the ”democracy” of the Greek-European model, for effect perverso (the eterotelia of Monnerot) and for incompatibilita mental, not and anch’ pregnant it of tragedies if it is applied forzatamente to the cultures of the South? In short, the transplant of the western socioeconomic model to the Countries of the South demonstrates explosive.

4. Quarter catastrophe line, recently explained from Jacques Attali: the threat of a crisis of the world-wide financial institution, that would be infinitely more serious than the one of the Thirties and would involve a general recession. The landslide of the ags and currencies of Asia orients them, united to the recession that hits these regions, of would be the premonitory sign. This crisis financial institution would have two causes: to) the fact that too many countries are become indebted in connection with it enables banking credit world-wide – and it is not only spoken about the poor countries: the amount of the debit of the European nations is also worrisome. b) the fact that the world-wide economy always rests on the speculation and logic of the profitable flows of investment (ags, societa fiduciary, international pension funds etc): this prevalence of the speculative monetarism on the production makes to run the risk of a panic generalized in landslide case of the course in a determined field – if the international speculators withdrew their assets, the world-wide economy would be found ”dehydrated”, with the investments in free fall; the consequence would be a recession total and violent, a funeral for a culture that rests entirely on economic employment.

5. Fifth line of catastrophe: the rise of the religious intégrist fanatism, mainly Islam but not only, from the moment that hour us puts also the Indian politeisti. Unexpected rising of the radical Islam and the repercussion of the cosmopolitan excesses of modernity, that has the intention of imposing on the entire world the model of atheist individualism, the cult of the market, the despiritualisation of the values and the dictatorship of the Spectacle/Show. For reaction to this aggression, the dominating and at the same time conquering radicalized Islam and ridiventando, in compliance with its tradition. Totally the number of those who practices it is in constant increase, compare with Christianity, that lost every aggressive proselitism it ever had, and declines – even in the America of the South and black Africa – as a result of that suicide that was Concilio Vatican II, piu colossal the boat-hooks theological in the history of the religions. To dispetto of the dinieghi reassuring it pronounces to you from the average western, the radical Islam propaga ovunque like a fire and threatens new countries: Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Indonesia etc. Consequences: unavoidable civil wars in the countries of double religiosita like India; crashs in Europe – above all France and Great Britain – where Islam risks to become nel.giro.di vent’ years the first religion practiced; multiplication of the international crises being involved the States Muslims, some of which will be able to stop ”dirty” nuclear crews. To this purpose, it is necessary to denounce the scempiaggine of how many believe to the possibilita one of a ”Islam westernized and rispettoso of the republican laicita one”. And instead impossible, perche the Islam and substantially and for its same teocratico nature, and refuses the laicita idea of. The conflict seems unavoidable. Outside of Europe, and to its inside. [svåröversatt stycke]

6. The crash between North-South is outlined from the theological-ethnic roots, and with every probability more dangerous than East-West conflict. Nobody knows what form it will assume. But it will be serious, it will be founded on feelings and interests of strong collectives very unlike the former polarity USA-URSS/capitalismo-comunismo controversy, which had an artificial nature. The powerful roots of this threat are first of all the tenacious resentment, suffocated and disguised of the Countries of the South based on their former colonisation. The racialisation of the/their speeches is impressive. Recently a first Asian minister has given of the ”racist” to the French government to the economic term of a litigio banal in which an Italian investor had been preferred to an enterprise of its country. This racialisation of human relationships, is a concrete consequence (eterotelica) of ”the antiracist” cosmopolitism of modernity, and emerges with clarity also in the West: the black muslim leader Farrakhan American, as the groups rap in the USA and France do not stop of surreptitiously invocare ”vendetta against the White men” and civil disobedience. Paradoxicalally, the egualitarian cosmopolitism has caused global racism – still crawling and now still implicit, but not for much longer. Puttinges the uni of forehead to the others in the ”total village” that and become the Earth, the people prepare themselves to face themselves. And Europe, victim of a population-colonization, it risks being the main battlefield. And no matter how many expect that the future humanity will be a half-breed: they are mistaken: in reality that only risks happening in Europe. The other continents, mainly Asia and Africa, always form the impermeable ethnic blocks that export the surplus of their populations but they do not import any of strangers. Point understood them: Islam becomes the flag of this revolt against the North, this freudian revanchism against the western ”imperialism”. In the unconscious collective of the people of the South it takes to foot this key idea: ”the mosques are settled in Christian earth”. Old revanchism from on the crusades, return to the archaism, return of the history, like a boomerang. The intellectuals – muslim or western – second which the conquering and intollerante fondamentalismo and the essence of the Islam are not mistaken of large. The essence of the Islam, like that one of the medioevale Christianity, and the imperial teocratico totalitarianism. As far as those who they take heart explaining scholarly that the muslim countries are ”uniforms”, think instead next to the fact that those same countries are little uniforms between they that joined against a common adversary, when above all scoppiera the emergency. This colonization of the North from part of the South seems a colonialism of a weak person, only confused, supported from appeals to the piety, to the right of asylum, the eguaglianza. And it is the strategy of the vixen (opposite to that one of the lion) identified from Machiavelli. But in reality the colonizer, justified from the western and ”modern” ideology of its very victim, it pretends to adopt the values that it does not share minimally. Its [de icke-nordliga kolonisternas] ideology is antiegualitarian, dominating (while it pretends being the dominated and the persecuted one), revanscista and conquering. Beautiful astuteness of one mentalita remained archaic. In order to contrast it, it would not be therefore the case to ridiventare mentally I arched to us and to get rid itself once for all of the represented penalization demobilizing from ”the modern” humanism? Other foundation of a probable conflict North-South: a litigio political-economic total. War for the markets and the rare resources in via of exhaustion (drinkable water, ittiche reservoirs etc); refusal of the quotas disinquinamento from part of the countries as soon as it industrializes you of the South; requirement of these last ones to pour their surplus of population in the North. In the history, to imporsi they are the simple outlines. A complessato, poor, young, esageratamente prolific South, direct pressure on a morally disarmed North and in via of aging. And we do not forget that the South is being equipped of nuclear crews while the North pusillanime fills up the mouth with the words ”disarmament” and ”denuclearization”.

7. Seventh line of catastrophe: the development of an uncontrolled pollution of the Planet, than does not threaten only this last (it puo to still count on at least 4 billions of years before the aim and puo to recommence daccapo all the evolution) bensi the physical survival of humanity. This ruin of the atmosphere and the fruit of the liberal-egualitarian myth (but a Soviet time also) of the universal industrial development and one energetic economy for all. Fidel Castro, in his speech to the WHO (Geneva, 14 May 1997), declared: ”the climate changes, the seas and the atmosphere is heated, the air and the water is polluted, the lands is eroded, the deserts extends, the forsete disappears, the water is made rare. Who salvera our species? The blind and uncontrollable laws of the market? The neoliberal globalization? An economy that grows in if and for if like a cancer that devours man and destroys nature? Puo not to be this the way, or at least potra is it only for the short period of the History ”. In pronouncing these words inspired Castrate must have in head the irresponsabile arrogance of the USA that refuse to then reduce (summit of River and of Tokyo) their carbon dioxide emissions. But sure this ”paradoxical Marxist” thought also next to the adhesion of all the people to the model of pure mercantile profit and in the short term, that he pushes to pollute, to deforestare, to have the oceanic ittiche reservoirs, to plunder the rare resources without some total planning. Fidel Castro appeals here, without to know it, not to the marxismo, devastator how much the liberalismo, but to the ancient platonic giustizialista wisdom.
It must add that canovaccio of these the seven convergent catastrophic lines and I saturate of aggravating factors – accelerating, it would be said. C$r-alla.rinfusa: the fragilizzazione of the tecno-economic systems through computer science (the famous bug of year 2000); the proliferation nuclear in the medium and extreme East (Israel, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, India, China, Korea, Japan…) from part of countries in intense rivalita, from the nervous and unforeseeable reactions; the weakening of the States of forehead to the power of the Mafias that control and amplify the commerce of the drugs (natural and also lately chemical-genetic), but support also on new economic fields that go from the field of the armaments to that real estate one passing for those agricultural and food- – these international Mafias, admonished a recent relationship of the UN, decides of advanced means to those of international the repressive institutions. And we do not forget the return about the ancient diseases turns them and microstacks: it collapses the myth of the sanitary immunita one. The AIDS of it has opened the first rubble. Above all to antibiotic cause dell’ weakening mutageno degli and dell’ intensita degli human movements we are we threaten dal return to you of world-wide a sanitary disorder. Recently, in the Madagascar, fourteen cases of pulmonary plague could not have been resolved. In little words, not are therefore all the reasons to think that the modernita one is going straight straight to crash against a wall and that the planetary and irreversible incident? Perhaps not… but perhaps. The essence of the history, its motor, not and therefore the fuel of the catastrophe? For before the time, the catastrophe risks to being total, in a globalizzato world. Robert Ardrey, etologo diamond and dramatist American, in 1973 profetizzava: ”the future of the umanita one is similar a train loaded with ammunitions launch to all velocita and lights extinguished in one night of fog”.[svåröversatt stycke]

* * * These announced catastrophes are the direct fruit of the incorrectible faith in the miracles of modernity: we think next to the myth of the high possible standard of living for all on planetary scale, and next to the generalization of economies strongly energetic consumption. The paradigm of the dominant materialista egualitarism – one societa of consumptions ”democratic” for 10 billions of men in XXI the century without generalized pillage of the atmosphere – and utopy to the pure state. This onirica sideboard meets with of disables physics. The civilta that it has produced potra therefore not to last to along. Paradox of the egualitario materialismo: it and materially unattainable idealist and. And this for corporate names (it destruttura the societa) and above all ecological: the planet potra physically sopportare the general development of accessible iperenergetiche economies to all the human beings. The ”progresses of science” are not then cosi neighbors. It does not have to refuse tecno-science, but to give them a new point of reference, in one perspective inegualitaria. We will see ahead piu. The problem, therefore, not and piu of knowing if the civilta planetary erected from the egualitaria modernita one it is in order to collapse, but when. We find ourselves therefore in one be of urgency (the Ernstfall about which it spoke to Carl Schmitt explaining that the liberal egualitarismo had not never comprised any integrated this fundamental notion, perche thinks the world in miraculous providential way and, dominated from the ascending line of the progress-development). Modernita and the egualitarismo has not never taken in consideration fine theirs, never recognized their errors, never known that the civilta they are died them. For before the time, you and one certainty: a total of civilta and threatened order of disaster perche founded on a materialismo paradoxical and hybrid idealist. Hour, we invochiamo one new vision of the world for the civilta of the after-catastrophe.